Smoked Whole Chicken

“All I did in preparation was wash them, pat them dry, sprinkle with a little McCormick Chicken seasoning inside and out and put them in the unit.

I used 4oz of pecan chips and cooked them at 250F until the digital thermometer read 170F.

I only managed to snag a picture on one of them because they smelled so good we cut one up and started in on it right away.

They came out golden brown, juicy as could be with a nice smoke flavor."

DavidJ3rd, member of SmokinTex Forums.

smoked chickens

"This is my first attempt at making chicken with my SmokinTex 1400. I've done it before with a propane smoker.

I believe it came out better for several reasons. With the propane smoker I had to keep track of the water pan.

With the SmokinTex I put the chicken in the smoker and took the chicken out when its ready. If you look at photos I posted you can see how golden brown my chicken got, I never got this with a propane smoker.

It just shows how even the smoker cooks the meat. The last photo shows how moist the meat is.

I brine my chicken for 24 hrs. in 1 gallon of water with 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of salt.

I rinse and pat dry the chicken and I put it in the smoker for about 4 1/2 hours when the internal temp of the chicken reached 168F.

I wanted 170 F but I couldn't wait. And that’s basically it, enjoy.”

Recipe and photo by SmokinTex Forums member Pahkong.




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