Cold Smoking Cheese

Arrange cheese on the seafood grill or the non-stick mat.

Place a pan of ice on top of the cold smoke plate on the lowest shelf position.

For a delicate smoke flavor use only a handful of cherry wood chips or any flavor you like. Remember to use only a small amount of wood until you learn your smoke flavor level.

Turn smoker on to 190F and smoke for 20 minutes. Use a timer because it is easy to forget a short cooking/smoking time.

Turn OFF smoker and unplug.

Let cheese sit in the smoker for 1 hour.

Take the cheese out of the smoker and let cool.

Wrap and refrigerate.


Tip: You can also smoke sausage and nuts using this method but with no ice or cold smoke plate.

Also see Scott Wallace's How To Cold Smoke Cheese Video in our SmokinTex Video Section.

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