South of the Border Smoked Salmon

SalmonCoat Salmon thoroughly with rub (both sides). Wrap in shrink wrap and let sit in refrigerator for an hour. Smoke at 165° for 3 to 3 ½ hours (directly on rack for drier fish, in shallow foil boat for moister)

Rub:      2 tbsp. – Lime juice

                1 tbsp. – Salt

                 1 tsp. - Garlic

                1 ½ tsp. – Chili

                ½ tsp. cumin

                 Cayenne (to taste)

                Optional: A little Olive oil to give it body. I like to use Walnut Oil.

Wood: Pecan, Alder, or Mesquite (sparingly)

Cream Cheese
Spread:           ½ - package Cream Cheese (can sub sour cream, or yogurt)

                        2 –Seed and  finely chop or puree jalapenos

                        1 –avocado

                        1 tbsp. – Lime Juice (approx. to smooth spread)

                        Optional: Cayenne, Chili, and/or Cumin

Salsa (topping): ½ pkg. – Frozen yellow corn (defrosted)

                          ½ pkg. – Frozen white corn (defrosted)

                          1 can – Black Beans (rinsed)

                          ½ small – Yellow Onion (sweet) finely chopped

                          ½ cup – Green onions finely chopped

                          1 – small tomato diced

                          ½ tbsp. – minced garlic

                          2 tbsp. – lime juice

                          2tbsp. – olive oil (can split with red wine vinegar)

                          1 – Avocado diced

                          ½ - Red Bell Pepper chopped

                        Optional – Cayenne (to taste) 2- seeded jalapenos finely chopped

Heat soft taco size Flour Tortillas, smooth layer of spread over tortilla, flake smoked salmon over spread, fold soft taco in half and add salsa.


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