SmokinTex Recipes

Gifts from Your Smoker

You can make your own smoked nuts, cheese, and spices right in your SmokinTex smoker!

Consumables like smoked foods and spices make great gifts for that hard to shop for relative, friend or work associate.

Here are tips to help you get inspired.

Smoked Nuts, Paprika and Salt

Load your smoker up with different types of nuts, sea salt, Himalayan pink salt and paprkia on your turkey tray, aluminum pan with holes poked in it, seafood grill and/or a makeshift splatter screen.

Smoke at 190F for 20 minutes then turn off smoker and let sit for 1 hour. We use very little cherry wood in our well-seasoned model 1400 smoker.  Just experiment with different wood flavors but remember too much smokeiness makes them bitter. 

You can also check out how Chef Sandy smokes nuts here. Smoked Marcona almonds make an especially great and unusual gift.

Use smoked paprika and smoked salt in your rubs. Combine rub ingredients in an airtight gift container for the bbq enthusiasts.

Cold Smoked Cheese

Cold smoked cheese is easy to do and makes an impressive gift. As seen in the above picture, load your seafood grill with different types of cheese over a pan of ice on your cold smoke plate. You want the flavor of the smoke but not the heat.

Again, we smoked for 20 minutes at 190F then turned off smoker and let sit 1 hour. We used a very small handful of cherry wood chips

See what our SmokinTex Forum members say about cold smoking cheese here and here.

Get started today and smoke up some awesome gifts!

And send this to your friends and family and get them started on thieir SmokinTex experience!

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