Smoked Beef Ribs by Chris K.

Smoked Beef Ribs

                                                All photos by Chris K.

“Smoked some full sized beef ribs using pecan and mesquite wood.

Texas dalmatian rub (salt and pepper).

Smeared with mustard and pomegranate molasses before cooking.

Finished with homemade strawberry chipotle BBQ sauce.

Smoked at 250 and started saucing at 180 so it’s close to 200 when I pulled.”

Chris K.

Chris notes Costco started carrying beef ribs.

Chris has owned his SmokinTex model 1400 since 2014 and it’s still going strong.

Beef Ribs

Chris and his SmokinTex smoker enjoy this fantastic view of the Fox River!

SmokinTex 1400 bbq smoker

Looks delicious! Thanks Chris!

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