Smoked Dehydrated Tomatoes
by Chef Sandy

Smoked Dehydrated Tomatoes

Dehydrated Tomatoes

Our Chef Sandy gives us all the info for perfecting these flavorful tomatoes.


"I bought a bunch of very ripe tomatoes at a farmers market and seasoned them with salt and pepper. Use the seafood grill rather than the normal racks because the volume of the tomatoes will decrease significantly. I smoked for 20 minutes with a small amount of hickory.


Use the jerky dryer on the cool smoker for 10-12 hours - this would change based on ambient humidity.

Let the jerky dryer/dehydrator run until the fruit or veggies are as dry as you want. I prefer them not to be totally dry; if not leather hard, the texture will be slightly chewy and still have the intense flavor. But these tomaotes will have to be stored in the fridge or freezer - any remaining moisture could cause mold if they are left at room temperature.

Smoked tomatoes can be finely chopped and added to softened cream cheese for a unique spread or dip. You could also mix with soft goat cheese and herbs, salt and pepper, or added to spinach dip for beautiful (holiday) color. Also tossed with pasta, olive oil, garlic and herbs."

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