Orange Stuffed Smoked Chicken

Orange Stuffed Smoked Chicken

5.88 lbs. whole chicken
1 orange
Vegetable/olive oil/butter

This is so easy and soooo good!
Clean and pat dry your chicken then rub inside and out with oil.
Stuff pats of butter under breast skin.

Salt and pepper.

Stuff cavity with quartered orange. Don't stuff too tightly as it will lengthen your smokin/cooking time.

Smoked Chicken and Potatoes

We smoked with only a quarter cup of
cherry wood chips because our smoker is well-seasoned. You can use any wood you like. Just remember if you are new to smokin start out with a small amount of wood. You can always add more on your next smoke.

We also smoked a couple of potatoes too!

Smoke at 225F until the breast reaches an internal temp of 165F-170F. We always recommend using an internal thermometer. Smokin by time is imprecise and hit and miss.

Most important tip: Always give yourself plenty of time!

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