I can honestly say that we have smoked hundreds of lbs of venison over the years and absolutely my favorite of method of preparing venison using the Smokintex Smoker is outlined below. But first let me explain that I am a big fan of a company, Reily Foods, based in New Orleans and they have wonderful products that really compliment the preparation of wild game in particular. One of their Sauces, BULL FIGHTER SAUCE, definitely the best marinade that I have ever used on venison. Another sauce is Tiger SAUCE that I use much like a steak sauce and is an excellent product for marinating venison too.

First let me say, and I am sure that you already are aware, that any venison cut of meat must have all fat and sinew removed prior to preparation using any method which includes smoked table fare.

I know from experience that any venison cut of meat that is processed and handled properly will have very little, if any, so called wild taste if all fat and sinew is removed.


Very simple and absolutely "Yummy"

Cut in half a full backstrap from a mature deer. Place one half in a Large Zip Lock Bag with a liberal amount of Bull Fighter Sauce and the other half with the same amount of Tiger Sauce.

Place both bags in the regigeratior overnight or in a cooler with ice overnight if still in the woods (making sure that bag does not leak)

Next day remove and spice to taste. I use Luzianne Cajun Shake rather than salt and pepper and ad a bit of Garlic Powder.

Place both cuts of meat in your smoker with just a small amount of Hickory or for a sweeter taste some fruit wood such as apple or cherry.

Smoke at 225 deg. until center of both cuts is 140 deg. internally. (do not smoke higher than 140 deg. internally for venison will tend to dry out at higher internal temperatures.

Serve as you would any fine cut of meat such as filet mignon.

Place any leftover meat (if any, which will probably be the case) back in the refridge or on ice in a covered container.

Use the left over smoked venison for a base for Cajun Gumbo, Jambalaya, stir Fry. Reily Foods has a great line of Gumbo and Jambalaya in a box which just calls for adding the meat of choice. They also have a great Stir Fry Sauce called Dragon Sauce.

All of this sounds like we are a sales rep for Reily Foods and that is TRUE but we have repped several Food Products to the sporting goods industry and The Reily Food Company has the best by far in my opinion for a selection of any Wild Game Preparation. Of course Tony Chachere's is not a bad choice either.

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