Hickory/Cherry Wood Smoked Pulled Pork by Mark S.

Smoked Pulled Pork

"Did 6 butts for a party in my SmokinTex 1500.

Smoked at 230F with 4 oz. hickory and 4oz. cherry wood to 165F internal temp.

Took about 6 hours to get to wrap time.

Put butts in restaurant trays with apple cider and covered with foil.
Pour apple cider in bottom of pans  about 1 inch deep before covering.

Returned to smoker.

Took about another 5 hours to get to 207F internal temp.

Pulled plug on smoker and let them stay in smoker overnight.

At 11:00 am I pulled from smoker and they were still 145F.

Pulled with hands and the meat was tender and moist.

Pulled and served without reheating. It was like clockwork.

Everyone was happy!"

Thanks Mark! Looks fantastic!

Use an internal thermometer when smokin!

See our SmokinTex Thermometers here.

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