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Extra Loin Baby Back Ribs
By Larry Dodson

Smoked Extra Loin Baby Back Ribs

"These were extra loin baby backs I get at Costco since they sell those that have the membrane already removed (that’s huge!).

The rub I use is called John Henry’s Pecan Rub. The BBQ sauce I use is Corky’s out of Memphis, TN. I buy it by the case. I get both the regular taste and the honey BBQ. My method is I sprinkle, not rub in, but sprinkle the rub onto the meat till all covered.

Since I have the SmokinTex 1400, I’ll put whole slabs on each rack starting at very top.  So what if the ends are crunched up a little, that goes away because of the fat loss.

I set my temp at 220F because the real temp then will fluctuate between 230F and 210F. 

I use Hickory chips, two hand fulls. So after 4 hours, I open it up and glaze the top of the ribs with the regular BBQ sauce as mentioned earlier and then at 5 hours, I then glaze with the honey flavored BBQ sauce.

I then turn my temp down to 200F for one more hour and BAM, I take them out.

Lots of smoked ribs
Seems like a lot of trouble, but it isn’t, especially if you want to make them better than anybody else. 

So that’s my story. Thanks for your interest in my cook!!!!"

Larry Dodson

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