Let's talk about how easy it is to cure and smoke pork. There's tons of different ways that folks ago about this simple task but I just cured/smoked a little 7 pound ham from a hog I took with my bow 2 weeks ago. Here's how I did it:a. Removed the leg bone and cut the ham in half, lengthwise.b. rubbed the 2 pieces throughly with cure (1 tablespoon of cure will do 5 pounds of meat. DON'T USE MORE! c. then, I rubbed brown sugar into the meat, wrapped in plastic wrap and let it set in the Frig at 40 degrees for 24 hours.d. Then, Placed on the middle rack of my SMOKINTEX for about 12 hours at 190 degrees. I used Pecan wood but plum or hickory would have worked well also. SO, IF YOU'RE BEEN THINKING ABOUT CURING/SMOKING PORK OR EVEN VENISON, GIVE IT A TRY, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG UNLESS, OF COURSE, YOU PUT TOO MUCH CURE ON THE MEAT. THIS IS A NO-NO! Now, I have a ton of pork chops and venison steaks curing with cure and brown sugar. I plan to smoke these about 4-5 hours tomorrow! Good luck! Luke Clayton, outdoors writer and radio show host!

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