Smoked Chicken Halfs by Tommy Schroers

Smoked Chicken

                                                All photos by Tommy Schroers

"Fired up the SmokinTex 1400 today to smoke up a couple of half chickens.

I smoked these juicy hens at 250F for 3 hours using cherry wood and pecan wood.

The chickens were seasoned with a base layer of salt, black pepper and garlic then hit with my secret bbq rub.

Once the internal temperature measured with my @grilleye original hit 160F I glazed the birds with spicy bbq sauce
, Smuckers peach preserves and butter for a nice sweet heat.

Sides of coleslaw and potato salad were picked up from the deli."

Chicken halfs

Chicken halfs smoked

Looks delicious! Thanks Tommy!

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