Smoked Canadian Bacon

Image and recipe from Billy B. Senior Forum Member

"I tried a friend's (Brad) recipe last week & smoked it this weekend with cherry chips, it came out marvelous, very easy to do & tastes better than any I've ever tried.

 Here's his recipe & a couple of pics..

 1) Took 56lbs of pork loin (got at case price at Sam's Club) and trimmed off all fat on the exterior. I then cut the loins in half so I could fit 1 whole loin per smoker rack

 2) Coated with 1TBSP of Sugar and 1TBSP of Morton's TenderQuick per lb of meat. (it's okay to go a little over on the cure, but don't underestimate)

 3) Place halved loins (2/bag) in a Ziploc bag with all the air squeezed out of it and place in the fridge as close to 38* as possible

 4) Flip the bags over each day. Cure for a minimum of 7 days and a max of 10 days.

 5) Take loins out of bags and rinse in cold tap water.

 6) Place in 30 minute ice bath to extract some saltiness from cure. You can slice off an end piece of a loin and fry it up after that to see if the water needs changed and another 30 minute soak is necessary. I found a single 30 minutes was fine with no saltiness at all detected.

 7) You can place a rub on at this time and let dry in the fridge or transfer directly to the smoker

 8) Smoke at 220 - 225F for ~4hrs with 2oz - 3oz of wood (I liked maple, cherry and apple).

 9) Smoke to 145F if you plan on cooking before you eat and 150F if you want to eat it like lunchmeat. We smoked to 150F but I always fry it a little anyway."


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