Bacon Wrapped Smoked Prime Rib by Greg H.

Smoked Bacon Prime Rib

This great looking bacon wrapped prime rib was posted on our SmokinTex Facebook Page by Greg H., owner of Crispy's Bar and Grill in Kannapolis, NC.

Greg smokes in his SmokinTex 1500-CXLD.

Greg says, "We used a Conviction Whiskey Barrel for wood which is from a local distillery. Rubbed it with our Bacon Jam which acted like glue to hold the bacon weave.

Prime Rib wrapped in bacon

I set the smoker to 225F degrees until the center reached 120F then I set the temperature to 120F and let it smoke overnight around 20 hours total.

It melted like butter!"

Sliced Prime Rib

Looks fantastic!

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