What are the black bars in the shipping box for?
These are only used for shipping your smoker. You can discard them.

How can I order parts?
You can order parts such as an heating element and/or thermostat by calling our office. We can assist you in getting the right part.
                                          M-F   9-5

How do you recommend cleaning the inside of the smoker?
Replace the foil lining the wood box and bottom of smoker after every use. Use a warm damp sponge to wipe the inside of the smoker down. Make sure you take care not to bring it back to the “like new” stage. The creosote that lines the inside caused by the heat and smoke acts as a barrier against moisture and helps lock in that smoked flavor.

What are the main differences between your smoker and the other smokers?
First and foremost, SmokinTex gives you a full two-year warranty -- the best and longest in the industry. Most others are 30 or 90 days and full of exceptions. The extent of the warranty is a reflection of the confidence the company has in the product.  You can register your warranty here.

SmokinTex smokers are all stainless steel inside and out for easier maintenance and cleaning and, of course, durability. We are insulated so that, according to our Alaska customers our smoker will operate at 30 degrees below zero. The insulation also means that you don’t have to worry about burning yourself if you touch the smoker while it’s in operation, a great safety feature when it’s in your backyard and you have kids or pets around.

SmokinTex smokers have about 30% more capacity than the comparably priced smoker which is our nearest competitor.

Virtually all other smokers are not built to last, ours is. They have plastic parts, poorly built locking systems, little or no insulation, parts that rust, and few, if any, repair or replacement parts.

We feel our smokers are a once in a lifetime purchase and our outstanding customer service is recognized all over the industry and, most importantly, by our customers.

What is included with the smokers?
Model 1100: Comes with 2 standard racks (3 positions available), wood box, levelers, break in wood and an operating manual/cook book.

Model 1400: Comes with 3 standard racks (5 positions available), wood box, 4 wheels (2 locking), a stainless steel drip pan, break in wood, and an operating manual/cook book.

Model 1460: Comes with 4 standard racks, 1 seafood grill (7 positions available), wood box, 4 wheels (2 locking), a stainless steel drip pan, break in wood, and an operating manual/cook book.

Model 1500: Comes with 3 standard racks and 1 seafood grill ( 8 positions available ), 2 wood boxes, stainless steel drip pan, break in wood, and an operating manual/cook book.

Model 1500C Commercial: Comes with 4 heavy duty racks (8 positions available ), 2 wood boxes, 4 heavy duty wheels ( 2 locking), stainless steel drip pan, break in wood, an operating manual/cook book, and all health and safety features required for commercial use.

Model 1500CXLD Commercial: Comes with 6 heavy-duty racks (9 positions available), 2 wood boxes, 4 heavy duty wheels ( 2 locking), stainless steel drip pan, break in wood, an operating manual/cook book, and all health and safety features required for commercial use.

 What woods go with what?
Alder: The hickory of the West Coast. Alder's delicate sweet flavor
enriches all fish, seafood, and meats.

Apple: Slightly sweet, fruity smoke that's mild enough for chicken
or turkey. Great with all pork.

Cherry: Cherry produces a similar taste to apple - it produces a very mild and fruity flavor. Great with chicken, turkey, and fish or flavoring

Hickory: In the southern barbecue belt, a lot of folks think this is the only wood to use. For everything. Most BBQ places use nothing else.
The strong, hearty taste is perfect for brisket, ribs, and pork shoulder.
Also great with any red meat or poultry.

Maple: Mildly smoky and sweet, maple goes well with poultry,
ham, and vegetables. Try with brisket.

Mesquite: The wood of Texas, it's great for grilling but not great for
smoking. It burns very hot and can make your food taste bitter. Get
your smoker smoking really well, turn it off, and put in a few steaks.
Smoke for 10 minutes, then finish on a hot grill. Great flavor!

Oak: It's the most versatile of the hardwoods, blending well with a
wide range of foods. Gives a great flavor to brisket.

Pecan: Preferred wood by a lot of non-BBQ restaurants.
Pecan burns cooler and offers a subtle richness of character.
Often referred to as a mellow version of hickory.

Most of these woods can be purchased from SmokinTex.

What is the temperature range of the smokers?
The smokers have a temp range of 100F - 250F degrees. We don’t have a recipe above 225F degrees.

Just seasoned my new SmokinTex smoker and smoke comes out of the sides of the door. Will that go away with use?

Yes, sometimes initially smoke escapes but with time a tight seal is established.

How do I know if it's the heating element or the thermostat that needs replacing?

After turning the temp control off, unplug the smoker. Take the back off smoker, take the two wires off the thermostat and put them together with an open paper clip.  Plug the unit back in and turn the temp control to 100 degrees or so. If the element heats up then it’s most likely the thermostat that needs replacing.  If the heating element does not heat up then it’s the heating element that needs replacing.

What type of heating element is included?
The 1100 comes with one 350-watt heating element. The 1400 comes with one 700-watt heating element and all 1500 series smokers have two 700-watt heating elements for a total of 1400 watts.

What kind of voltage does the smoker use?
The smoker operates on a standard household outlet. 120v single phase current. You can plug it into any standard outlet, no special wiring required.

What is the meat capacity of the smokers?
The 1100 holds approx. 23 lbs. The1400 holds approx. 38 lbs. The 1460 holds approx.60 lbs. and the 1500 series holds approx. 80 lbs of meat. The 1500CXLD holds approx. 120 lbs. of meat.

How long does it typically take to cook the following?
• Ribs: 4-5 hours
• Whole Chicken: 3+ hours
• Brisket: 12 hours for a 11 lbs.
• Pork shoulder/butt: 8-10 hours
• Turkey: 50 mins per pound
These smoking/cooking times are whether you're smoking for example 1 chicken or fill the smoker up with chickens.
Many smoke by cooking times and others, especially our Senior Members who contribute on our SmokinTex Forum, smoke only to a desired internal temp of meat/fish, etc.

How much variation does the thermostat have?
See a detailed temperature test from a customer here.
The temperature will swing 15-20 F degrees either way from the set point. This is caused by the heat still being produced by the wood box after the thermostat turns the heating element off. This is very normal in any electric smoker. We are smoking/cooking at a low temperature and it is the average between the high and low that we look at.

Where does the grease go?
There is a drain hole on the bottom of the smoker and the grease runs out there into the stainless steel drip pan for easy removal, cleaning and replacement. Be sure to poke a hole in the foil you place on the floor of your smoker.

Can you use wood chips instead of the wood chunks?
Yes, line the bottom of the wood box with foil to prevent the wood chips falling through the holes. Or purchase our Wood Chip Insert for use with wood chips. See all our Wood Chips here.

How long and at what temperature do you smoke chicken legs and thighs?

Smoke at 225F for 2 to 3 hours until the internal temperature reaches 165 F to 170 F.

How do you get the skin of turkey or chicken crispy?
You can either put it on the grill until crispy or you can put it in your oven at a high temperature or even use the broiler after smoking. It won't take long since the chicken or turkey is already cooked. See how a SmokinTex Forums member dusts his chicken with corn starch here.

If your ribs come out dry how do you save them?
All you have to do is wrap it up in some foil and put your favorite bbq sauce or apple juice on it and put it in the oven @ 250 F degrees.

After you smoke a brisket what is the best way to re heat it?
If you don't have a lot of fat on it wrap it up in some foil and add some water to it and put it back into the smoker @ 200- 210 F degrees until the internal temperature reaches 150 F degrees.

How much wood does the smoker come with?
The smoker comes with blocks of oak wood for break-in only. Other woods for flavoring are available on our online site or call us at 888-922-1511. Try a couple of different types to find the flavors you like, they're all good and they add a personal touch to your smokin'.

If your ribs keep turning out dry what is another way you can do them?

Start by smoking them for 2 hours, pull them and wrap them in foil and put some water in the bottom of the foil, put back in the smoker for 4 hours at 225 F degrees.

How does the deflector plate work?
The deflector plate will direct the dripping onto or away from the wood box. If you have it turned and it looks like a roof then you are putting more moisture onto the wood box. If you have it turned like a “v” shape then you are directing the drippings toward the grease hole and away from the wood box, so it is reducing the moisture in your product

Where does the deflector plate go?
You place it in the bottom shelf of your smoker right above the wood box.

Why don't you have to soak the wood before you put it into the smoker?

With other smokers you have fire to heat up your wood and then you have to add water to create more smoke. SmokinTex uses a heating element to heat up the wood which burns it slow and creates more smoke but without the fire. We feel it's a more even application of the smoke flavor to your meat or fish.

What grade of steel are the smokers made from?
They are made of quality stainless steel.

Does the unit require any special size breaker?
Our 1100, 1400, 1460 and 1500 models operate in a standard 110 volt outlet, 15 amp breaker.

How long is the cord?
The cord is 6 ft. long.

How long would it take to smoke a ham and at what temperature?
If it is a cured ham its already cooked and all you have to do is warm it up and add smoke flavor, then you would smoke/cook for about 2 hrs at about 190F degrees or until you get the internal temperature at 110F degrees.
If it is a fresh ham smoke/cook for 5 hrs at 130F degrees then 5 hrs at 200F degrees or until the internal temperature reaches 150F degrees.

Does the unit come assembled?
Yes, the unit is fully assembled except the wheels and all you need to do is screw them in.

How does the smoker vent and does it require any special venting to use inside?
The smoke will be sort of heavy for the first 2 hours of smoking. During the smoke time you will want the smoker under a vent a hood or near a door with a fan behind it. After the smoke cycle the unit can sit anywhere as it's like an oven then.

There was a “popping noise” and puffs of smoke coming out of the smoker door, what could have caused this?
Sometimes there is extra gas trapped in the wood itself and it gets heated up and releases causing the “popping”. This is similar to what can happen in a wood burning fireplace from time to time. It is nothing to worry about and should stop shortly.

Is there anything special I should do to prepare my new smoker for use?

Yes, you should add wood to the wood box and turn the unit to 225 degrees and let it smoke for about 4 hours. This will coat the inside with a creosote lining that prevents moisture build up and allows the wood flavoring you use afterward to flavor your meat, poultry or fish.

What can I smoke in the unit?
Anything you want to add that great smoky flavor. Virtually any meat, poultry or fish can be smoked. You can also add that great smoky flavor to baked potatoes, baked beans and other vegetables. Smoked nuts and cheese are a big hit! Suggestions are added to our web site as we find them, either from our own experience or from our customers discovering new uses. Please remember to let us know by email about any new use you've discovered that is not in our recipe book or on our online site so we can add it so other users can try your ideas and recipes.

How can I get recipes for my smoker?

We have recipes for our smokers in the following places and are constantly adding to them:

a.  The operating Manual/Cookbook that came with your smoker or we have them online on our site too.

b.      On our web site:  in the
Recipe Section.

c.       On our web site in our SmokinTex Forums our customers have posted many recipes and suggestions and if you have a specific question you can post it to the Forum and one of our great customers will provide an answer and suggestions.

d.      If you put “SmokinTex” in the search box of :  you will get a bunch of videos prepared by our customers regarding ribs, chicken, pork butts, wild turkey breasts, fish, jerky, pastrami and more.

e.      We send out a SmokinTex Newsletter by email about every month containing recipe ideas, helpful hints and more. Go to: and sign up for our news letter (scroll to bottom of the page). All our archived newsletters are available in the “News” section of our web site also.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more current newsletters.

    f.     We are also on TwitterFacebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Thru the above sources you’ll have hundreds of recipes and suggestions available to you and the  number will continue to grow as we add more customers who use their SmokinTex smoker in ways we never imagined.

What other uses can I use my SmokinTex smoker?
  1. As a warmer. You can keep your food warm for a long period of time at a temperature you set and the unit will maintain that temperature for you.
  2. As a cooker for non-smoked foods. You can slow cook any food without that smoky flavor using the thermostat to set your temperature. There are ideas and directions in the cook book and the online site.
  3. To make jerky. You can make your own jerky from virtually any meat. The cook book and online site have suggestions and recipes.

There are many other uses for your unit.  Let your own imagination lead you to these uses! And when you find one, let us know so we can pass them on to your fellow SmokinTex owners.

If you have any other questions call us at 888-922-1511 and we will be glad to talk with you!

Any special cleaning instructions for the cold smoke plate?
Yes, clean only with a warm damp cloth. Immersing in liquid may damage the insulation. Insert into smoker with flat side down.

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